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A7 Envelopes: Sample Pack
Price: $8.00

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Weight: 0.18 oz
This is a sample pack of A7 envelopes, one of each color currently offered. These envelopes have a square (straight) flap and fit a card sized 5" x 7".

Envelopes made from text-weight paper of various weights; see below.

Mix includes one of each color (21 total):

  • Red (holiday red) (60lb)
  • Orange (bright) (60lb)
  • Yellow (similar to sun yellow) (60lb)
  • Green (holiday green) (60lb)
  • Bright Blue (similar to turquoise/sky blue) (60lb)
  • Purple (standard purple) (60lb)
  • Hot Pink (very bright hot pink) (60lb)
  • Lime (bright greenish-yellow) (60lb)
  • Twilight Blue (similar to twilight sky) (60lb)
  • Light Blue (pastel blue) (70lb)
  • Pink (pastel pink) (70lb)
  • Light Yellow (pastel yellow) (70lb)
  • Light Green (pastel green) (70lb)
  • Light Purple (similar to lavendar) (60lb)
  • Dark Brown (80lb)
  • Black (nice, rich, deep black) (60lb)
  • Light Gray (pastel gray) (70lb)
  • Cream (off-white) (70lb)
  • White (96 bright) (80lb)
  • Gold (metallic shimmer) (80lb)
  • Silver (metallic shimmer) (80lb)

For cards sized 5" x 7" (A7)
Size 5 1/4" x 7 1/4"
Type of flap square/straight
Weight paper weights vary